Oompah…pah… Oompah…pah…

Roll out the barrel… we’ll have a barrel of fun…

Very excited to say that Mike booked our Ocktoberfest Tent tickets at…


The Hofbrau Beer tent largest at Oktoberfest, it holds 10,000 people and sells 550,000 x 1lt steins of beer in just 16 days

Check out the wild time that we’re going to get to experience…

If Mike and I see one of these Beer Bikes in Munich… we absolutely have to hop on. How fun!

Check out this clip. What a fun way to site see and hang with the locals. Prost!

Love it…

Pump it up?

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the invitations are complete…

Our invitations are finished and are ready to be mailed out… so it’s official. We’re getting married!!!!!

They turned out really nice, personal to Mike and I and going along with our story, but were a lot of work! They are casual, a little formal, whimsy and fun. For the past 9 months I’ve been designing our wedding invites… after changing the layout again and again, hunting for the perfect papers, envelopes and embellishments and coming up with our wedding brand. Yep, I said brand. I’m a firm believer that every wedding should have a branded look… seriously.

In the end, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be, but I am relieved that we finished our invitations!


Now, time to design the programs, escorts, menus and all the other fun wedding collateral.

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my first fitting

I had my first fitting. It was exciting seeing the dress and the accessories on all together. My bridesmaids and Mom came along too. I loved that they were there to give me their input and support, since of course, I questioned myself on the little things… slip… no slip… hair accessories… I would have been there all day thinking about it.

I originally tried on my dress for the first time in November. It’s funny to me that I purchased it without trying it on over a year ago. I had the “this is it” moment and when it shipped to my mom’s house, she and my dad did too. I remember describing the dress I wanted to my Mom way back in high school, a now I have it. Crazy huh? All this time passed, same guy and vision. I wish I could post it, but I want Mike to be surprised. I keep looking at the pictures of my dress… I’m so excited!!!!

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So, so excited to come home today to the arrival on my wedding shoes. They are amazing and perfect. These shoes can make any girl happy. Thanks Mom for my wedding shoes. I LOVE THEM!!!!

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getting in shape…

I finally joined a gym, Women’s Workout World, and I have to say, I’m really been enjoying working out. It’s hard to get there, but once I’m there, I’m ready to go. And I LOVE the turbo kick and zumba… I try to do those twice week… but I really should do them three times a week! It’s a great cardio workout, burning 500 – 800 calories in a hour! I am doing some of the Belly Dance workouts on ON Demand at home, when can’t get to the gym. (Which Mike might enjoy after were married… teehee) My elliptical is still screaming at me to get on it and work out, so I moved it in front of the t.v. This did help… since I am a realality show junky (one quality Mike loves about me… NOT… lol). Now it’s just trying to keep motivated and it helps that I do have a friend at work, who is getting married soon too, joined the gym with me. Just two Brides working to get in wedding day shape. It would be hard without her.

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happy valentine’s day sweetie!

Thank you baby for a wonderful Valentine’s Day, a great evening and the beautiful flowers. I love you with all my heart and look forward to the future with you. OXOX

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hello lover…

I woke up this morning before work and promptly sat down at my computer to go to BHLDN.com. OMG, is all I can say. Everything I hoped for (with a price out of my budget), wedding details in all vintage flair… so so me. Thank you for opening before my wedding day!

So, of course, I went looking for the green shoes that I’ve been hearing that they were going to have.

And, there they were. Hello lover!!! They were perfect and sheek. Oh, I likey them!!! The perfect co-star to my wedding dress with it’s so cute little touches on it. It has the words “Something Bleu” on the top of the shoe. Then to top it off, it has a blue jewel stone on the sole of the arch.

Purchased them, my perfect green wedding shoe.  Wedding shoes… check! Something Blue… check!

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counting the minutes… BHLDN

Anthropologie is opening their wedding store “BHLDN” tomorrow. Loving Anthropologie with their vintage flair and can’t wait to see the full wedding line that they come up with. I’ve been seeing the sneak peaks pics and so for… AMAZING, and fits my wedding style perfectly. So happy it’s launching before my wedding date and not a moment after. I’ve purchased a few items from Anthropologie for the reception already and I can’t wait to get more.

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love at first sight… J.Crew

I was so excited when the bridesmaid dress swatch came in the mail! So cute… inclosed in an envelope that said “Love at First Sight” I double heart J Crew.

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something old and something borrowed… check!

So, after months of looking for the perfect vintage wedding jewelry. My mom came to me and said the I should where my grandmother’s pearl necklace. How absolutely wonderful and special… and they are vintage 1940′s. I swoon over vintage jewelry.

Now, for something borrowed. My mom is letting me where one of two pair of earrings my dad had bought her long ago. I can wear her pearl earrings (in the picture above), which would wonderful with my grandmothers pearl necklace. Or, her green emerald earrings, matching my wedding colors of course. Oh, which to pick… I guess we’ll find out the wedding day.

I just need to find a bracelet. Maybe mom has something in her treasures.

Now, to find something “New” and something “Blue”.

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