my first fitting

I had my first fitting. It was exciting seeing the dress and the accessories on all together. My bridesmaids and Mom came along too. I loved that they were there to give me their input and support, since of course, I questioned myself on the little things… slip… no slip… hair accessories… I would have been there all day thinking about it.

I originally tried on my dress for the first time in November. It’s funny to me that I purchased it without trying it on over a year ago. I had the “this is it” moment and when it shipped to my mom’s house, she and my dad did too. I remember describing the dress I wanted to my Mom way back in high school, a now I have it. Crazy huh? All this time passed, same guy and vision. I wish I could post it, but I want Mike to be surprised. I keep looking at the pictures of my dress… I’m so excited!!!!

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